Affordable real estate projects are one of the company’s key objectives.
The real estate was one of the first areas of activity of Lagmar company. Currently, not only the sale, but also the construction of these has become a specialized activity. Due to strategic result-centered management policies and to professional real estate services provided by Lagmar, the company is one of the top competitors on the national real estate market.


The focus on the client’s needs is the guaranteed reason why the constructions of the company are among the most original from the architectural and environmental perspective and, at the same time, affordable. The company builds new apartments at the highest level of quality and sells at the most affordable prices!


The alternative design, urbanism, engineering and other real estate services place the company among the top competitors on the national construction market. When the company specialized in constructions, it started developing its design department. Designing a construction is a huge responsibility from the safety and financial point of view. The design of a building must constitute a balance that ensures as much resistance, stability, functionality, utility as possible and maintain an optimal level of resource consumption. The construction must meet the needs of the users and of other people, because it must be integrated in the environment.